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Australia leads the Western world on media restrictions: UN rapporteur

ABC Friends National will continue to urge its members and friends to take urgent action to defend Media Freedom.

Thank you for supporting Australian press freedom

Thanks to everyone who supported Senator Kristina Keneally’s effort to get a specific Inquiry into Australian Press Freedom.

An open letter to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Federal Members of Parliament

ABC Alumni and ABC Friends have written an open letter to Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and federal MPs expressing concern...

Is Australian press freedom on the political agenda

URGENT ACTION: Press Freedom Inquiry

Urgent Action to Guarantee that Senator Kristina Keneally’s motion is supported by all her Senate Colleagues.

Is Australian press freedom on the political agenda?

As the Federal Parliament begins work today it is worth asking: Is Australian Press Freedom on the Political Agenda?

ABC Friends welcome Centre Alliance push for constitutional protection of media freedom

Centre Alliance Senators Rex Patrick and Stirling Griff announced in June that they will introduce legislation into the Senate to propose...

Local Government support for the ABC

The National General Assembly of the Australian Local Government Association has passed a motion in support of our ABC.

URGENT ACTION - Journalistic Freedom

ABC Friends National invites all Australians to support journalistic freedom! TAKE URGENT ACTION NOW!